How It Works

1. Search Campaign

Connect with companies that aligns with your message and resonates with your audience.

2. Submit a Bid

Review requirements and put forward a bid to participate in the campaign.

3. Create Content

Create amazing content to complement the product or services.

4. Share Your Content

Share approved content to your audience through your normal channels.

5. Receive Payment

As your network clicks on the link, you get paid.

1. Create a Campaign

Follow our easy 5-steps process to create a brief of what you need to accomplish.

2. Review Bids

Let Influencers to discover your brand and submit a bid for your campaign.

3. Accept Offers

Review Influencers stats on the approvals page and select the ones you would love to collaborate on the content.

4. Approve Content

Review the content from Influencer(s) which celebrates your brand.

5. Get Quality Leads

Monitor the traffic of quality leads to your site.

Frequently Asked Question

Still have unanswered questions? Review our FAQ

There is no setup fee. Setup your cap budget and accept cost-per-click (CPC) bids from Influencer(s). Once Influencers' audience starts to engage with your product, service or the site, we charge per each visitor set in the CPC bid.
We charge only after someone has visited your site. We run analytics to track visitors going to your site from Influencers Social Networks. E.g. you set your campaign budget with $5,000 figure. The Influencer proposed $1 CPC fee, you have accepted the fee, and 1,000 visitors to your website, your account will be charged with $1,000, and the rest will remain within your account or returned back to your banking account.
Depends. Earnings are based on the bids and your audience engagement with the content. For example, if you set a bid $1 for the campaign, and 1,000 followers clicked a link on your post(s), you earn (90%) $900 and PulseAbility takes $100 (10%).
Once you and the brand agree on collaboration. You create a post with the link brand's campaign landings page (e.g. Once your follower clicks the link, we direct them to site, and then redirect to brands landing page in miliseconds, unoticed to a human eye. That's how we record a visitor details in order to track legit visitors and other relevant information.

We are looking for passionate, honest, prepared with effort product or service promotions.

Anyone online can spot that, however Social Networks use algorithms, called artificial intelligency, which can spot human emotions in a written text, like, honesty, integrity, and simpathy.

If you have put effort in development of your text, you will see your post appearing higher and higher in the feed of others. Moreover, it will appear in the feed of their friends. Hence more people will likely to follow your post.

So, all we asking is honesty and effort.

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